Lucoled BLE LED bars offer a high quality and efficient backlit solution for outdoor lightboxes down to 40 mm deep.

The BLE series comes in 2 lengths. The whole system is equipped with IP67 JST connectors and comes with a range of plug-and-play cable options for easy and fast installation. Especially in retrofit applications replacing traditional light sources.


  • IP67 for outdoor use
  • Silicone potted PCB in aluminium profile
  • 5 years warranty. 2 years extended
  • Lucolense prismatic flat beam technology
  • IP67 JST connectors and cable system
  • RVS mounting clips
  • High efficacy
  • Constant Current Technology
  • Fast, plug-and-play, installation
  • Fast on-site retrofit solution
Item noLED colourCT (K)CRIPower (W/mod)Flux (lm/mod)Efficacy (lm/W)Voltage (DC)Modules in seriesModules per carton
BLE60-W65white6500>703.137212024max 880
BLE120-W65white6500>706.575612024max 4128


  • 2835 SMD LED with long life and low attenuation
  • Easy installation with JST connectors and cable system, plug and play.
  • Installs in RVS mounting clips (included)
  • Warranty 5 years
  • Beam angle: 170°
  • UL, CE and RoHS compliant
  • Narrow white binning
  • Constant Current Technology
  • Operating temperature: -25~+60°C

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