LucoFLEX Slim Extreme


Lucoflex Slim Extreme Cuttable is the most flexible neon-replacement product currently available. It can be bent in a very small radius, allowing full artistic freedom as with traditional neon. As it can be cut every 10.4 mm it gives unlimited freedom to create any text or shape without having to think about cut distances.
The product is made with the latest in-mold silicon extrusion technology, UV resistant, weatherproof, non-yellowing.
Lucoflex slim extreme cuttable is a true low-power LED replacement for small neon signs and art pieces, available in 5 bright, even, colours.


• Extremely flexible, UV stable, impact resistant and flame retardant silicon extrusion
• Protection class IP67
• 5 year warranty
• Wide colour pallet, daytime colours when non-illuminated
• Bright, dot-free and homogeneous light
• Adjustable in length, cuttable every 10.4mm



  • Dimensions:
    8 mm (W) x 15 mm (H)
    Lengths of 5m
    Cuttable every 10.4mm
  • UV stable, impact resistant and flame retardant silicon extrusion
  • 5 year warranty
  • UL, CE and RoHS compliant
  • Constant Current Technology
  • Power per meter: 11,5W/m
  • Protection class IP67
  • 280 lm/m (white)
  • Operating temperature -250C ~ +600C
  • in-field flat bend of 30mm (radius)