Lucoled launches DS80

Lucoled launches DS80, an easy solution for double sided pylons.

The Lucoled DS80 module installs easy in an aluminium mounting profile, which mounts with clips as a retrofit or in new double sided pylons and totems.

The aluminium mounting profile comes in 3 standard lengths that can be cut to size. The DS80 modules can be positioned in the profile with a module spacing up to 400 mm.

In a typical pylon the profiles can have a row spacing of 400 mm. Bringing the power consumption down to 22 W per square meter per side.
This because the DS80 has an industry leading efficiency of 165 lumen per Watt.
The DS80 uses 8 flat beam prismatic lenses on each side which allow installation also in very shallow double-sided applications.
The modules are IP67 rated for the typical wet conditions in this type of signs.

For more info see or contact your local distributor. The full datasheet can be found here.