Lucoled Edge Lighting EL10 modules offer a high quality and efficient solution for single-sided signs with a depth of 80-150 mm and double-sided signs with a depth of 80-150 mm, max. 1000 mm wide.

Lucoled EL10 uses patented light reflection technology to evenly illuminate single and double-sided small light boxes and signs. The licensed technology is based on the face being illuminated by over 70% indirect, internally reflecting, light transmitted by narrow beam flare lenses. The modules are mounted on the sides of the box, directing a beam of light at the opposite side. The reflecting light evenly illuminates the face.

EL10 is ideal for round, oval or any other non-rectangular shaped sign as the individual modules can be positioned following the shape of the sides.


  • 5 years warranty
  • First 2 years extended warranty
  • Lucolense narrow beam technology
  • High efficacy
  • Constant Current Technology
  • Narrow white binning
Item noLED colourCT (K)CRIPower (W/mod)Flux (lm/mod)Efficacy (lm/W)Voltage (DC)Modules per chainModules per carton


  • Dimensions: 50 x 30 x 14mm
  • Warranty 5 years (first 2 years extended)
  • Beam angle: 19° * 32°
  • Can be cut between every unit
  • UL, CE and RoHS compliant
  • Narrow white binning
  • Constant Current Technology
  • Operating temperature: -25~+60°C

This product is licensed under the Signify (formerly Philips) EnabLED Signage program when bought as a kit including power supply. The final product in which this kit is used will be covered by this license and free from further royalties.

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